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Convert logs to lumber, at your home or mine.

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Thank you for visiting my site, hopefully it will provide you with the information you are looking for.  I work with clients who have a wide range of reasons for seeking a sawmill service.  Some are woodworkers who are looking for a more reasonable way to afford beautiful hardwood lumber, or perhaps needing unique sizes not available in the box stores or even lumber yards.  Some are homeowners who lost a tree in a storm, from disease, or must have one removed for various reasons.  Either way, they hate to see that lumber wasted and they are curious about the process and wonder whether it would be worth saving those logs.


I have attempted to answer many of those questions with the information on my site.  There is a lot of information here related to converting logs into lumber.  My niche in the process is milling logs into lumber suitable for the projects you have in mind.  I don't take trees down, chip brush, grind stumps or split firewood.  But whether you have a pile of logs, or just one salvaged from that special tree, I can probably turn it into lumber for you.  

I am located at the west edge of Johnson County, Kansas and serve an area including NE Kansas and the Kansas City Metro area.  If you are outside my service area there are a number of resources on the Resources page that may help you find someone closer to you.  If you have a project in mind but don't have a log, give me a call.  I may be able to find a log suitable for your project.

Do you have a log but don't need the lumber?  I hate to see logs go to waste, if I can use it I

may be willing to haul it away for free.  If you would like to see my mill in operation when I am

in your area or would like to see photos of current projects, please visit my Facebook page. 

 Welcome to the on-line home of Tom The Sawyer Portable Sawmill Service