Preparing For Milling Day - Arranging Your Site


There are several requirements for operating the mill at your location.  The area must be easily accessible to the tow vehicle and mill.  The mill is 30' long and about 6' wide.  A relatively level, 20x50' area is normally sufficient.  The surface should be dry and firm enough to support the weight of the mill (4000 lbs.) and the logs.


Logs should be lined up parallel to the proposed mill setup location.  They should be clean and any branches should be cut flush with the side of the log.  The mill's rated capacities are logs up to 20' long or, up to 34" in diameter.  Perfectly round logs are extremely rare, a practical maximum diameter would be 30-32".  The Timberking B-20 was rated for a maximum log weight of 5000 lbs. but big logs can be a challenge to load and turn.  The mill can support and clamp logs as short as 3.5', shorter pieces may be possible with special handling.

At the end of the job you'll have three basic products; lumber, waste (bark, trimmings, slabs) and sawdust.  Milling 1000 board feet of lumber may create about 50 gallons of sawdust. 

Having able-bodied friends around on milling day can be quite helpful.  At least one person must be on hand to remove boards as they are milled.  Green lumber can be very heavy, a 2"x18"x10' oak plank may be perfect for that new harvest table but each of those planks will weigh about 160 pounds - that will take 2, and perhaps 3, people to move them.  They may be moved 2 or 3 times before they are stacked to dry.  Don't be shy about asking for help, you'll really appreciate them.



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Tom The Sawyer

Portable Sawmill Service

Tom The Sawyer's Service Area


Custom sawmilling services are available at my home by appointment.  I live near K-10 and Evening Star Road in western Johnson County, Kansas. 


I routinely travel within a 50 mile radius of my home for on-site milling, an area that covers the majority of 13 counties in the Kansas City Metro area.  Although I will travel farther, for small quantities of lumber, it may not be economically feasible.  It doesn't hurt to call and find out.

Example distances from my home:  Lawrence -15, Springhill -28, Ottawa -35, Leavenworth -40, Topeka or Paola -42, Peculiar -45, Liberty -50 miles.